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LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA is an evidence-based program that helps adult cancer survivors reclaim their health and well-being following a cancer diagnosis. Participating YMCAs create a welcoming community in which survivors can improve their strength and physical fitness, diminish the severity of therapy side effects, develop supportive relationships, and improve their quality of life. Since 2007, the LIVESTRONG Foundation has been the Y USA's partner in developing and delivering LIVESTRONG at the YMCA.


The Bangor Region YMCA has been offering this program since the fall of 2016. It is a growing, vibrant program and in 2019, the Maine Cancer Foundation is helping to support the expansion of LIVESTRONG at the Bangor Region YMCA through grant funding. 



Program Description

  • Any adult over the age of 18 who is living with or beyond cancer treatment qualifies for this program.

  • Small group, supportive environment

  • Twelve-week program with two 75-minute sessions per week at no cost to participants

  • Includes cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, balance, and flexibility exercises

  • Facilitated by YMCA Certified Instructors

  • Includes use of YMCA facilities and classes during the 12-week period

  • Evaluation includes functional and quality of life assessments before and after participation

LIVESTRONG at the YMCA has proven to:

  • Help survivors meet or exceed the recommended amount of physical activity

  • Help survivors significantly increase their cardiovascular endurance

  • Improve cancer survivors' overall quality of life and decrease their cancer-related fatigue

The leaders of the Bangor Region YMCA LIVESTRONG Team:

Jenn Crane

  • LIVESTRONG Program Manager

  • Second Wind Manager

  • Youth Sports Manager

  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer



"LIVESTRONG has been life changing. I was first diagnosed with an advanced cancer 15 months ago, and underwent two awful surgeries. I felt very much disabled and very hopeless. 


LIVESTRONG helped me reconnect to my body, which I had rejected for failing me and developing this awful disease. It has helped me turn that corner from feeling victimized by cancer, to feeling like a true survivor. Actually, I think I physically feel better now than I did before the cancer diagnosis.”


"LIVESTRONG at the YMCA has made an incredible difference in my recovery from breast cancer. The treatments had slowed my metabolism and there were so many daily activities I couldn't do. The coaches are patient and kind and showed me how to build up my strength, without overdoing it. The survivors in the group all are very warm and friendly. Now I am proud of what I CAN do. I feel like a different person."


For more information, call 207-941-2808 ext 338, contact us here, or email

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