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Free Mammograms & Pap Tests

Free screening for women who meet age and annual income guidelines, which, in a nutshell, for 2019 are:

Family of 1 $32,225

Family of 2 $42,275

Family of 3 $53,325

(For each additional person, add $11,050)

Breast Cancer Support

Caring Connections provides weekly support groups, a staff  member to attend appointments with you, connection to other survivors, referrals, retreats, and more!

Education Outreach

Free presentations on the following topics:

·Breast Health Awareness & Self-Exam

·Cervical Health

·Osteoperosis & Bone Health

·Menopause ·Arthritis

·Cancer Prevention ·Healing Touch  for Self-Care


A free evidence-based exercise program that helps adult cancer survivors reclaim their health and well-being following a cancer


Men's Cancer


Resources, information, discussion groups, guest speakers, and and support for men diagnosed with prostate, testicular or penile cancers.

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